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June 30, 2017

 Much is said throughout the Bible on the treatment of those in authority.  For instance, we are instructed to pray for those who have the rule over us.  In Exodus 22:28, the Bible declares that we are not to blaspheme our leaders.  This verse is clear on the treatment of those who are in authority.

It is ever growing popular for Americans to be disrespectful of our leaders...

June 23, 2017

Names are very important to each of us.  This was especially true in Bible times.  Even more so than in our day, names were given to address the character of the person.

One man in the Bible of which this is especially true is Barnabas.  His real name was Joses and then later changed to better fit his character.  Barnabas means “son of consolation”.

As you study the book of...

June 16, 2017

 In an attempt to find happiness, King Solomon went on an endless search.  He tried, in every conceivable way, to find relief for the ache in his heart.  One of the means he tried was education.

Solomon was a brilliant man.  In his lifetime, he wrote 3,000 proverbs.  He would be a best-selling author if he were alive today.  He also wrote 1,005 songs.  The Bible says he knew of...

June 12, 2017

Often in life, we come to rivers that appear to be uncrossable.  Joshua and the people of Israel faced that challenge.  Standing on the banks of Jordon they set their eyes on the Promised Land of Canaan.  Behind them was the wilderness.  Before them was the Promised Land.  The Jordan River was the obstacle in their way.

Some are conquerors, some are being conquere...

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