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Vote Morality

October 7, 2016

 There are no better words written to those who rule over us than the words found in II Samuel 23:3; “The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spoke to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

These are the last words of King David, the psalmist of Israel.  The words are not David’s, but rather God’s, for who David spoke.  What momentous truth, that rulers are to rule in the fear of God.  To put it in simpler terms would be to say that our leaders are to lead us in righteousness.  It was no accident of fate that our forefathers were, for the most part, religious men.  It is God that had chosen them to lead because they were God-fearing men.  “One nation under God” means that our leaders are to be men that know God.

Ours is a day when many would have you believe that whatever you believe is fine as long as you respect the other.  While we must respect different origins and faiths, our leadership must be made up of people that lead in righteousness – leaders that know God!  When our leaders lead contrary to biblical teaching we as a people suffer.

The problems in our society are self-inflicted.  The epidemic we face has been brought on by a lack of godly leadership.  We do not need more money thrown at our problems – what we need is more godliness.  We need to put God back into our education system.  We need leadership that senses the urgency of the hour, and also the solution for the hour – leading in the fear of God.

A Christian at election time is never to vote for their pocket-book – they are to vote for morality!  “Our help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”  The core of our problems is a lack of righteousness, and until we realize this, our preoccupation with all the other “seemingly” important agendas simply sinks us further into the quagmire we are already in.  We are the people, and this is our republic.  May we send the message clearly – we want God-fearing leaders!


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