Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Scripturally, the church has a 3-fold purpose and that is to exalt
our God, to edify one another, and to evangelize the world.

Our family of Faith was formed in 1977 when a handful of people committed their lives to see God perform a miracle on a hill between the rich fertile farmland of Kent county and the sandy shores of the scenic Chesapeake Bay. Because of the path they forged, and the countless who have followed in their footsteps, many have been able to witness the faithfulness of our Great God.

After 40 years a vibrant Church and a Christian academy of 200 plus students meet every week on the property and in the wonderful facilities God has given us. The unmistakable way in which God has providentially led us to this place has stretched our faith and caused us to believe that, as great as our history has been, the best days for this ministry are just over the horizon.


We would love for you to come and see what God has done, and is doing at the Chestertown Baptist Church!